On-Off for youngsters

The Internet has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives. However, the increased time spent online is prompting questions about whether they are in control of their internet usage and if they are aware of the side effects and the causes of the maladaptive behaviours related to excessive or problematic Internet use. However, even if youngsters are not addicted, recent European research analysis shows that it is not always or not only the time spent online that makes internet use problematic and ‘excessive’, but the impact of internet use on what might be called a ‘balanced life’.
The On-Off project addresses recommendations which call for empowering tools for children, teachers and parents providing more information, mediation, increased attention, and methodology on how they can mediate:
– youngster’s excessive online use and
– perceptions of causes that trigger the establishment and maintenance of online as well as its consequences that affect well-being and “balanced life” stirred by constant online engagement.


online Business and e-cOmmerce cOaching for increasing entrepreneurShip among youTh

Youth start-up companies are an essential part of European Commission priorities for the attainment of a sustainable and durable European economic growth. Even though there are countless training opportunities for online entrepreneurship, digital marketing and e-Commerce skills, they are generic, lack personalisation and don’t adequately address hands on implementation in different sectors.
BOOST4Youth will provide the necessary training and tools for young entrepreneurs in six (6) countries, UK, CYPRUS, CROATIA, GREECE, IRELAND, and POLAND, to implement essential processes related to e-Commerce (ordering, delivery, payment, communication, overall service, promotion) to increase revenues and reduce costs for their company.


Empowering SMEs Staff

The Report ASAP project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme, will provide the necessary training and tools for SMEs staff in six (6) countries, UK, SPAIN, ITALY, CROATIA, BULGARIA, and GREECE, to adopt sustainable accounting and reporting practices in a cost-effective way.


Empowering Training Providers & other Stakeholders

The project addresses also VET organisations, trainers, chambers of SMEs, and other business professionals who will benefit from getting increased awareness and knowledge about how to implement sustainability accounting, reporting practices and systems alongside a clear understanding of how business data manifests to financial values of relevance to sustainability accounting.

Survey Results

We have been working closely with the Report ASAP team to research the current state of sustainability accounting and reporting practices within SME businesses.
Check out the full infographic here based on the Survey results. Stay updated with the project results

Qualified Business Check Application

Start-up companies are an essential part of European Commission priorities for the attainment of a sustainable and durable European economic growth. Specifically, they will have a leading role in the European Digital single market as underlined in the “Start-ups and the Digital Single Market final report”. However, most entrepreneurs lack of the knowledge and skills required to effectively develop and manage their company.
The B-Capp project will develop an open, all-inclusive training program for financial planning/management of start-ups comprising the smart use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to reduce the operating costs and cross border business activity leading to increase competitiveness and result to less business failures. After the completion of training, all participants in B-CAPP will be able to retain and improve their knowledge and skills, acquire new high-quality skills and continue their personal and professional development by implementing the recommended strategies.